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Tuesday 200 - #5

Gay White Pirate seeks landlubber 4 friendship, possible LTR

Me: Old sea dog looking to learn new tricks. Straight-acting, semi-retired pirate seeks mates 2 share land-based adventures. Mid-40s, 6í3Ē, 190# (w/ prosthetics attached), dark hair, blue eye (just the 1). Authentic scrimshaw leg. Canon-sized arms, 1 w/ large hook. Excellent swordsman. New 2 scene, but having been considering walking a new plank 4 many years. Enjoy tribal culture as well as Gilbert & Sullivan. No Disney or Andrew Lloyd Weber. PnP (thatís plunder and pillage, right?) within limits.

Iím tired of being dated as a freak-show attraction, looking to share the man behind the eye patch.

You: Open minded, patient landlubber, 20-50, who enjoys talking birds, quiet nights on a beach and the occasional search for buried treasure. Comfortable with tattoos and scarring. Sea faring knowledge not required. Viking or Visigoth background a plus.

Letís find the treasure chests that land life has 2 offer. Doubloons are rarely an issue, but if U try 2 rob me, Iíll slit your scurvied throat before U can say Davy Jones.

Serious enquires only, please. No fats, fems, gold diggers, Peter Pan role play or Wendy rape fantasies.

Your pix get mine.


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