November 21, 2008

Forward Looking Isn't Forward Thinking

Hey look, it's either:

a) a new reason to blame your parents for a myriad of anxieties
b) a new reason for parents to think they're just not good enough
c) a marketing scheme by the United Federation of Stroller Makers (just in time for Christmas)

This is all over the news and I think it's ridiculous.

(Hi Michelle sorry I've been remiss in my posting.)

November 8, 2008

Oh Hi There, I'm Bob. Remember Me?

An entry once a week. These must be the new extended release blog posts I've been reading about.

Busy busy busy here in Bobopolis, what with school (mucho reading and writing), work (mucho planning and teaching), getting caught up on the MAKommendations of True Blood (mucho bloody hot men) and Beautiful People (mucho nostalgia and adorable characters). Now that I have no new episodes to watch, I guess I can knock out a quick post. And then get back to my 3,000 word assignment that's due mid-week. Which is coming along very slowly.

Oh, and the US of A has a new President. And my home state went blue. How cool is that?