May 31, 2009

A post every two months, that's normal, right?

I've been told I don't blog anymore, so my folks don't know what I'm doing, and since they worry, they did the next sensible thing.

Did they call? No.
Did they email? No.
Did they join Facebook? Yes.

I think that's hysterical.

So yeah, everybody friend my folks. Hey, did you hear Joan Rivers joined as well? Oh wait, that was Faceliftbook.

Thanks very much. Here all week, Try the veal. Tip your servers.

So anyway, why no bloggy, Bobby?

I've been busy! Living, working, teaching (have had THE BEST students lately, it's been a shame to see them go), reading, plotting a novel, writing, seeing friends, throwing parties, planning a holiday research trip, perhaps being drugged in a bar and robbed (we'll save that for a short story), developing crushes on poll dancers (have you seen Owen at Village? Oh. My.), going to the gym, losing a little weight, etc.

All is well. Except for that crappy day last week, but we move on.

So ... a blogworthy anecdote.

I'm working with a new guy from Qatar, who is motivated, eager, and fun to have in class for a few hours one-to-one (this is not always the case). He wants to improve his writing, and has a ways to go.

We were talking about how to do research, and how he could learn new vocabulary about topics he's liable to be tested on in IELTS.

Me: "What resources do you use to learn about things?"

He: "Google."

Me: "Right, but before Google was around, where would you have looked?

He: "Yahoo."

Comedy gold from the Qatarian.

I was aiming for books, libraries, etc. and did finally got there ... but it's a digital age. Books are for us old folks.

I'm heading back to Provincetown on Friday. First time back since we moved over here. I'm so very excited, and have so much work to do before then.

Same old, same old.