June 27, 2009

Help Make a Monkey out of Larry

For a few years now, L's been talking about doing the Great Gorilla Run. He's a great talker, the L, but often doesn't get around to actually following through. That's just one of the reasons we love him (speaking of, do you know that tomorrow makes 17 years we've officially been together? Who knew?!? That's like almost half my life I've spent with the ape.)

Anyway, I saw a flyer for the run the other day, and sent him a link. A few hours later, I got a link in my email to his fund raising site. Yep, he signed up all on his lonesome and come September will be donning a Gorilla Suit and running with a bunch of like-minded monkey-see, monkey-do types for the charity.

So go on ...

sponsor him.

Think of it as our anniversary gift.

He's out training for it right now, shuffling through Hyde Park, dragging his knuckles on the ground, tossing his own feces at unsuspecting children.

June 15, 2009

I Always Hate Leaving the Cape

Had an amazing trip back to Provincetown. Ten days have flown by. Caught up with old friends, made a few new ones, and -- even though I'd been away for almost five years, time flies -- it felt so much like home.

Very sad to be leaving, but it's a beautiful morning and the ferry has wi-fi (which is a bad thing as I should be working on a project that's still not done and not blogging).

Will be in New York tonight, back to London on Friday.

And the world goes round.