October 7, 2009

All. That. Food. (and we still love TED)

Sometimes I go into the grocery store, look at all the bananas, and then I start thinking.

Bananas don't grow anywhere near here. And yet look how many there are. And this is just one small grocery store in an enormous city full of even bigger supermarkets, green grocers and vegetables stands (which, trust me, have better quality fruit/veg for less money). And then I think, this is just one city in a country that doesn't grow bananas.

And then I think about when I thought about the same thing living in NY.

And I think, gosh, just where do all those bananas come from and how many banana trees must there be and how to do they just keep coming here (there, everywhere) every single day? Not to mention the chicken and the steaks and the bacon and the limes and milk and the ....

And then I focus and remember I need to get on with my day.

And then I find out other people think about the same thing, but do it with much much intelligence and insight.