April 25, 2010

What My Life Has Become

Exhibit A

We used to watch* the marathon** and become inspired to run. This year, we saw interviews with:

  • a man who had a heart transplant
  • a woman who had a double lung transplant
  • a man who only had one lung
  • a (very cute) bloke who had cystic fibrosis (target age of death = 31) who pledged to run 31 marathons now that he was 31

The only thing that we were inspired to say was, "they're just showing off."

Is that wrong?

Exhibit B

We found a shortcut to our new favorite local pub, the Nelson's Head. Now it only takes us ten minutes to walk there instead of 15.

On the way home tonight, we stopped at The George and Dragon cause Larry had to relieve himself, and then at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen (we love Helen, go visit her before she moves to warmer climes) because we needed to have some dinner.

Coming home from dinner, Larry says, "thank God there are nice rest stops on the way home from Nelson's, cause it's just too far to walk."

Ten minutes = too far. Oy.

Bring on next year's marathon.

* In person, not on television

** Yes, I was supposed to run it this year. During my second round of bronchial brouhaha that required physician-prescribed (self-medicating was so last decade) pharmaceuticals, my doctor said "quit running for a while", so I deferred my entry till 2011.