October 15, 2010

To Your Health

I was working with one of my lovelies yesterday, a really vibrant, beautiful and funny Italian woman who I teach 1-2-1 Business English, and we took a break from some interviewing practice and CV revision.

A couple weeks ago she had told me that she wasn't going to drink for a month, because of some medication that she'd been prescribed. I asked her what she'd been up to in the past week and how the tea-totalling was treating her.

"So, no booze for the past couple weeks. How do you feel?"

"Bored," she said with a heavy sigh, and we started laughing.

"Everyone told me, 'Oh, you'll have so much energy! You'll feel healthy and de-toxed and you'll sleep better and you'll lose weight and it will be fantastic'."

"And that's not the case?" I asked.

"No. I feel exactly the same as I did a month ago, just bored."

At least she's enjoying my classes - she says she's rebooking in a couple weeks. Maybe we can go out drinking by then.

And there you have it.