March 2, 2011

There is Life Outside your Apartment Flat

Tonight was one of those nights I (and he) used to call an "only in New York" evening.

And yet, a quick Google search says I'm 5,562.45 kilometres away.

Do you know the kind of night I'm talking about ? When you go out not expecting all that much ("let's go have dinner with the woman who used to be my admin at the bank") and you end up meeting the most charming people, having an unexpectedly fantastic meal in what looks like a hole in the wall, laugh a lot, enjoy a couple bottles of wine more than you anticipated, and then get an invitation to stay, anytime, in a too-often empty house just outside of Venice.

Not only that, but it seems Broadway Market is a very nice, quiet, quirky neighborhood when you don't go on a Saturday afternoon. Who knew?

Six years later, London continues to surprise me.