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Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome!

Welcome to my new digs. Come on in and make yourself at home. It's not much, but I think I'll be comfortable here and thereís plenty of room to grow when the time comes. Still have a bunch of stuff in storage (meaning I canít get the blogspot archives to import properly) and I think Iíd like to spruce it up a bit, but for the time being, Iím good.

Patience Ö just like that tattoo I got a couple weeks ago.

Lots to do this week Ö most of which is get organized for my 2-week adventure that begins on Friday.

The Itinerary
All dates in September

12-14: Ptown for a condo board meeting and birthday party
14-17: San Diego for PAICR West Coast Conference
17-21: London for brand meetings (and a day or so to play catch my breath)
21-26: Atlanta for big marketing meeting and brand focus groups

Yup, when I leave the apartment on Friday morning, I wonít be back for 2 weeks. Itís gonna be nuts. It's all about planning proper attire and packing smartly. Oy.

Hopefully things will go more smoothly than they have in the past few days.

Still donít have phone service at home, but Iím trusting thatíll be resolved in the morning. Was working diligently on the laptop at home last night, and the keyboard crapped out. No more backspace or control keys. ďhĒ types ďh6Ē. Shift doesnít work. Other keys work or donít work at random intervals.

I bought it at CompUSA about 18 months ago, and I remember paying several extra hundred dollars for a service agreement. Went through all my files and, díaccord, I can find no receipts or documentation. Seems I only sporadically get in touch with my true Virgo self.

Took the machine over to CompUSA and they said they could look up my receipt if Iíd paid with a credit card, which I know I did because we were running up that card to get Aadvantage miles for last fallís Australia vacation. They have no record of any purchase on that card.

ďOh, I had the card reissued since then, so itís a different number,Ē I explained. They said I had to call the bank and get the old number. That was the only way they could pull it up in their database. Methinks they need a new database. So I called the bank and, díaccord, they donít have that information and if they did, they couldn't give it to me over the phone. Fair enough. Frustrating, but I suppose fair.

So now Iím back off to CompUSA, which Iím certain will be a customer service nightmare. Just breathe, focus on positive energy and try to avoid a creating self-fulfilling prophecy.

I need to get it fixed Ö itíd be tragic to leave Larry computerless for the two weeks Iím gone. I'm sure I'll figure out a way to prove I have this service agreement, and then it'll be a piece of cake to negotiate a charge-back.


Anyway, it's just beautiful outside. A perfect day to haul around two computers ... one to go into the black hole of CompUSA tech service and one to go from work to the apartment so I have something to work on tomorrow while I wait for the phone guy to come.

Lawd hep me Jebus.