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Got Stoned on My Birthday

Yesterday was amazing. It was one of those perfect fall Provincetown days ... blue skies, no humidity, warm sunshine with a cool breeze off the bay. It really could not have been more beautiful.

Decided to make it a day of pampering, so I had a facial at the Blue Day Spa. The woman who took care of my pores was the same one took care of my pours the night before ... bartender at Lorraine's by night, facialist by day. Then I had a hot stone massage from the lovely Madrone. Hello alpha state.

Larry put together a beautiful little party. Some catered hors' douvres and cocktails aplenty took us into the night, where we visited my favorite bartender at the A-House. Took a post-midnight motorcycle ride with Chris out to Race Point which was really magical.

Less than 24 hours ago, I was wading in the Atlantic Ocean. Now I'm sitting in a hotel room (where I was very surprised to find a vase of gorgeous fresh-cut b-day flowers from colleages at this conference), listening to a mini-symphony of crickets and the Pacific Ocean crashing against the Del Mar shoreline.

41 has started off very nicely.

And a very happy fifth birthday to my nephew J. Hope your cake was good, that you like your Incredible Hulk gloves and your very own Stop Making Sense DVD. Any toddler that rocks out to Talking Heads is good by me.