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New York is Where I'd Rather Stay

I'm finally back on my little island of Manhattan. The streets are dirty. The people look scruffy. The sidewalks are filled with noise and dog crap. Yay. It's good to be home.

Halo was a welcome change from the corporate functions I'd been attending all week. Quite the collection of cuties, including John and his Ptown posse (hey y'all ... twon's gonna send me a t-shirt!!).

Now, if one were to believe everything they read, it would seem that I held a gun to his head and force fed him the Mandarin and soda(s) with a spash of OJ. I guess in Atlanta they don't have metal detectors at the door so one can actually enter the club with a firearm with the intent of getting boys to drink against their will. It's kinda silly ... slipping them a roofie is so much easier.

Memo to self (and Phil, Andrew and Scott): there is no reason on God's green earth to drink a fishbowl of margaritas before one heads off to Halo. Dinner = good. Fishbowls, notsomuch.

Memo to Gollum Philth: I want my ring back.

All in all, a very fun evening. And while one of our friends might have woken up fully clothed that morning before making the Betty Ford reservation, bear in mind another chap who unxpectedly woke up on his sofa the next morning wearing nothing but a cleansing mask. Too drunk to get to bed, but not too drunk to tone and tighten. Atta girl. Aren't you glad you got that fabric Scotchgarded™?

So on four hours sleep, I checked out of the ex-Nikko, went into the office, became editor-in-chief of a new global publication, got wind of another trip to Altanta within the next week or so and a trip to Brussels right after that, had a couple fuzzy meetings and bolted off to Hartsfield where Delta had come through with the upgrade and delivered me (sit down ...) 30 minutes early into La Guardia.

I arrived home from my 2-week adventure to a smiling (and seemingly skinnier) Larry who had festively decorated the house with "Welcome Back" streamers and balloons was actually on the couch wating for me, as opposed to laying in bed and watching Lifetime. He did miss me, he did miss me!

Got to (my own) bed at a reasonably early hour and proceded to sleep for 12 hours. It's good to be back.

We tooled around town today, looking at new cars (the lease on the Jeep is up so we'll probably just swap it for a new one), buying new underwear (25% off) and suits (2-4-1 sale) at Macy's (plus an additional 15% if you open a "new" Macy's account -- that's like our 34th one) and deciding that none of the multiplexes were showing anything worthwhile.

Now then, who wants to cook some dinner for us? We're plum wore out from shopping.

The next few weeks promise to be almost as busy as the last two, but at least I'm not flying anywhere for a few days ... although it looks like I'm back in Belgium in less than two weeks.