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Triglyceriding My Patience

Seems the double-dose of Lipitor isn't doing the trick. My cholesterol's still higher than it should be and my triglycerides are almost 100 points higher than they were last time, which puts them at 608. For those of you keeping score at home, the recommended level is <150. Ouch.

The good doctor has switched me to a different medication, but I guess it's time to step up and start being a little more proactive on my part. I really don't fancy the idea of a coronary disorder. Those things are painful, right?

A little web research offers these suggestions:

* If you're overweight, cut down on calories to reach your ideal body weight. This includes all sources of calories, from fats, proteins, carbohydrates and alcohol. Hmm, I'm really not "overweight" in the grand scheme of things, but I could drop 10 or so pounds. Hey, what's that crack about alcohol?

* Reduce the saturated fat and cholesterol content of your diet. Thing is, I really don't eat that much "bad" stuff.

* Reduce your intake of alcohol considerably. Even small amounts of alcohol can lead to large changes in plasma triglyceride levels. Geez, they're back on the anti-booze thing. This all sounds a little aggressive.

* Be physically active for at least 30 minutes on most days each week. Easy enough. Maybe it's time to think about getting back into the marathon training; or at least getting to the gym more than 2-3 times a month.

* Substitute fish high in omega-3 fatty acids instead of meats that are high in saturated fat like hamburger. Or I could take an omega-3 oil supplement with my burger. What's one more pill?

* Because other risk factors for coronary artery disease multiply the hazard from hyperlipidemia, control high blood pressure and avoid cigarette smoking. Oh, yeah, the smoking thing again.

Both my grandfathers died of heart disease. Is that genetic writing I see on the wall?

I watched my first lover go through open heart surgery. It's so not pretty ... in fact, it's one of my biggest fears.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and offer the supposition that maybe it might be a good idea to cut out the Marlboro Lights. Thing is, I'm pretty sure that smoking makes me more popular and glamorous. And then there's the fact that Mayor Bloomberg doesn't want me to do it, which makes me want to light up all the more.

Despite my misgivings, I picked up a box of these today when I filled the new prescription. I think tomorrow I might just stick one on.