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So Where's the Worm?

8am on a Sunday morning?!? This isn't like me at all. Felt like shit all day yesterday ... don't know if it's the not smoking thing (today is day 4), the patch thing or just the barometric pressure, but I was whacked. Went to bed at 9:15 and slept right through till a little while ago (except for whoever called my cell at 4am ... cheers, thanks a lot).

The plan is to go into the office, catch up on what I didn't do Friday and get all my ducks in a row for a, get this, 6:40am meeting/flight with the head of Europe (company-wise, not politically wise). Oh, and it's out of JFK. Again ... cheers, thanks a lot.

In case anyone's keeping little Bob push pins on their maps at home, it's Atlanta on Monday, back here on Tuesday, a Wednesday night flight to Brussels and then a Friday jaunt to Toronto where I'll meet up with Larry for the Cabbagetown portion of his big birthday bash.

The cool news is I got my Blackberry upgraded to one of these last week, and it allegedly works everywhere, so I'll still be emailable and phonable. I'm for crap at figuring out those European payphones.