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Technical Updates

1. Still no phone this morning. Did all the DIY tricks last night: matched all the colored wires, bought the cute tool from Radio Shack (no, not the clerk), tested all connections and got a lot of green lights. Everything should be working, but the dial tone's as silent as a trip to Yogaville.

Called MCI today. "Hi, I need a trained professional to come and rewire me." Karen was very helpful, if not a little fond of saying "okay" every fourth or fifth word. Seems there's a problem with the line coming into the apartment building and she sent a technician out today. Called the doorman to let him know the phone company was coming, and he said there were already two guys in the basement's phone room.

You mean it wasn't just me yanking the cord out of the wall the other night?

So lots of phone men were in the basement today while I was at the office being twice as productive as I've been all summer (I'm totally in that back-to-school groove). Hopefully Chi Chi LaRue was here putting a new film together, because I still don't have a dial tone.

I now have an "inside call" scheduled for Monday, "sometime between 8am and noon."

Normally I'm pretty good at channeling Grandpa Melvin, who made a living flirting with housewives as a handyman, but this time it's beyond me. Oh well. Till Monday, it's cell phones on vibrate and a gloriously ring free apartment.

2. Movable Type's installed and seems to be working at the "Out, out, damn blogspot" bobzyeruncle. Once I get it all figured out, we'll announce the big unveiling. Still looking for template/design suggestions. All input is welcome, and I'm a big fan of the outsourcing. What's a cute new website cost, anyway? And if you're handy with phone wiring, it could be your big weekend.