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Nice to Know You

Apparently I say this when being introduced to people, instead of the usual "nice to meet you." Two people commented on it during last night's very engaging fete (which turned out to be conveniently located on this side of the river) where I met/knew all sorts of wonderful people.

But you don't know me, you just met me.

It made me wonder where I picked up that expression. Is it all that uncommon? I'm sure I didn't just create a new response in the "Introductions 101" chapter of Charming Cocktail Conversations. I'm not half that clever.

Maybe somebody said it to me in another region. My Australian friends ask "How you going?" instead of our "How's it going?" My Cincinnati relatives say "Please" when they want someone to repeat something. My New Orleans pals go to the Schwegman's to "make groceries," not buy them.

In any case, it was a great evening in a very cool space and I'm glad to have met you all. Maybe I'll know you next time.


Thanks to everyone who sent the crazy lady my mom a birthday note. She was tickled pink.