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Got the shakes, Aunt Charlotte?

The garden party turned a little soggy. Undaunted, we headed inside to plenty of wonderful food, drink and laughs, and proceeded to enjoy the smokingest movie ever. A perfect rainy evening spent with Charlotte Vale, Dr. Jasquith, Jerry Durrance and one of the nicest Boston moms in cinematic history.

Charlotte is no more ill than a molting canary.

Speaking of bad mothers, my favorite neighborhood vegetarian alludes to a prime specimen in her delightful account of Thursday's pre-blackout date with herself.

Her story reminded me of a walk I had through the Hudson River Park a few weekends ago. I was heading north, after parking the car at Pier 40. I approached one brick buildings that face the new piers. Someone had propped up their bicycle alongside the building, presumably to use the facilities inside.

On the back of the unattended bike was a baby seat, complete with sleeping baby. The kid was helmeted (small consolation) and I'm sure the missing guardian was close by, but still. The stupidity of it all just overwhelmed me. What would have happened if the kid had a bad dream, or heard a loud noise and got startled? I could just see him waking up, twisting around, knocking the bike over and going kaboom on the cement. What thoughtful idiots parents.

On the other hand, I love the fact that kids can feel so safe and secure that they just conk out in the middle of the city, especially when being pushed around in a stroller. I wish someone would push me around while I slept (and I'd look really cute in a big old pram, although I'd probably need ear plugs and an Auntie Mame eye mask).