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He Swings, He Scores, He Orders In

The Humidity Festial in Central Park turned out to be a lot of fun. We had an egg toss (A. and I came in 3rd place, with no yolky mess) and a water balloon toss (last place, thank you very much).

And I played softball. I usually avoid such activities. I can't remember playing a team ball sport (bowling doesn't count, right?) since I was in La Habra Little League, which was, er, a couple years before the Bicentennial. I had a blast. Made some hits, caught some flies (balls, not insects) and even scored a run. Missed several grounders, had a bunch of laughs and left the field a sweaty, scruffy, skinned-knee mess.

An hour later I was all polished and having martinis at Le Cirque, talking about career plans and consulting opportunities.

And now we're at home, watching the new gay network run ads for phone sex, waiting for a Better Burger to be delivered.