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The Man Behind the Curtain

So what's the catch going to be with this ding dong adorable James on Boy Meets Boy? He's apparently too cute, too sweet and too big hearted for his own good ... he couldn't land a guy on his own? I know, it's reality tv and it's all about casting and editing and $25 grand. Maybe next week his inner psychotic drama will rear its ugly head.

It's no Amazing Race, but the Season Pass has been programmed into TiVo.


I live on the 9th floor of a Chelsea building, facing south and looking down over a row of brownstones. The view is Mary Poppins meets Rear Window. I was sitting on the balcony a little while ago, enjoying the cool breeze, and noticed someone walking around in an apartment across the way. All I can see is this guy in a pair of very snug gray boxer briefs, which fit extremely well. Um, extremely well. Problem is his blinds are pulled halfway down, so I can only see from the waist down. Never paid any attention to the inhabitant of that apartment before, and I don't make a habit of voyeur thing, but this is most intriguing.

Or maybe it's just a diversion from the task at hand. I'm supposed to be writing a draft of my "coming of age" story for a class I'm taking. I have no idea what tale to tell -- I suppose I must have grown up at some point in the last four decades, but for the life of me, I don't know what that moment would be.

Perhaps if I'd come of age, I'd be proactively meeting deadlines instead of surreptitiously looking into people's apartments.