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E is for Ecclectic

While in a London pub last week, I heard the most addictive bubble gum boy band song. "Excuse me," I tapped on the bouncing young girl to my right who was singing along, "Can you tell me who this is?"

"They're called Busted, and they're brilliant, right? Oh, and this is my mum," pointing to her companion, who didn't look any older than me. Ouch.

Popped into the Virgin Megastore last night, went to the imports section and found what I was looking for. I find buying CDs a lot like eating Lay's potato chips -- you can't have just one. Along with my new Brit bop boys, I now own Tim McGraw, Radiohead, Liz Phair and a new copy of an old favorite, Mary Chapin Carpenter.

In other news, my horoscope today says, among other things, that I'm "a half-full vessel waiting to be topped off." Speaking of Tim McGraw ....