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No Lions, No Tigers, Lots of Bears

Another perfect day.

It's Bear Week up here. They're all hanging out at the Crown's pool in the daytime. Those big boys sure do like to frolic in the water ... and drink frozen concoctions with lots of whipped cream. And Jenny Craig wept.

Last night was a recovery night. Well that was the intention. Didn't play with the bears, but come across a few piggies. You just never know -- ask a random guy for a light of your smoke and next thing you know it's a late night showing of that old perfomance art chestnut, "Five Guys and a Sling."

Saw my second sunrise of the week, which was pretty, but not nearly as beautiful as last night's sunset. Thw sky was the most amazing combination of blue, pink and rose ... a big ball of fire setting in the West and the biggest, fullest rainbow that I've ever seen arching over the bay. The view from the roof deck has never been more magical.