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Where's That Mute Button?

Miss Musto might have declared Chelsea officially "just plain over," but it was a big ol' boyfest tonight.

I think maybe since we didn't have a proper Spring, now that Summer is in full swing (as were some of tonight's decidedly unsupported packages in gym shorts), the boys have flirt mode on heavier than normal. If we saw one potential whiplash, we saw a hundred. And my neck's a little sore as well. We dined al fresco on 8th Avenue to a parade of boys that very well might have been an A&F casting call, only most of them were of legal age and had a few more tatoos. Okay, post-A&F, or maybe the models from 5 years ago ... all grown up and just a little sweaty.

And then they spoke.


Guy on cell: "Okay then, what can I do to make you love me?"

um, log on to www.codependent_no_more.com

and then ...

Him: "I'm not an actor, I'm not a writer, I'm just a survivor."
Her: "You are."
Him: "I mean music is my life. I don't play anything, but it's my passion, my life, my ..."
Her: "Your joie de vive."
Him: "Yeah, my joie de vive."