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See Bob Run, Run Bob Run

The heatwave broke and it was gorgeous running weather this morning. My goal was to run the race in under 55 minutes, or finish just under 11-minute miles. I haven't been keeping up with the running lately and didn't want to overdo and be really sore tomorrow. Nothing worse than limping around a Pride Parade all day with stiff legs. Pride's about limber legs and stiff other things.

But I digress.

Ran with a friend who's in great shape and usually finished these things in 7-8 minute miles. She's a triathelete and is a little speed demon. So she ran slow to run with me, the time flew by and we finished with an official chip time of 46:44. That's 9:20 pace. No land speed record to be sure, but I think that might be a personal best for me at that distance. I was huffing and puffing there for awhile, but finished strong and never would have gone that fast on my own. Thanks Shelby.

The bad news is now I know I can go faster than I thought, so I have to learn to push myself a little harder and set some new goals. The only downside to running faster is that when you get better, you have to run even faster.

It's so much easier in a group -- and the energy of an organized race is always good for picking up the pace a bit. I keep knocking around the idea of joining Front Runners, but I always think I'm too slow. Maybe the time has come to just suck it up and get out there and commit.