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Patience is a Virtue ...

... so I'm told. My Blogger-to-BlogSpot synch was on the fritz for a couple days and, getting no response from Blogger, I went ahead and registered bobzyeruncle as a domain and got a new provider. Heh heh, now Blogspot's back up.

Oh well, time to move on to the big leagues anyway. I just don't have to do it as quickly now.

Here endeth the circus metaphor: The trapeze I wanted got taken out of the ring today. I'm sad and frustrated and angry and maybe a trifle relieved (but don't tell anyone about that part). I'd really put myself into the head of leaving all the bullshit of the current place behind me and starting fresh. Doesn't look like that's going to happen, at least not as quickly as I'd mapped out in my mind.

So, the new challenge is to push forward with new opportunities at the existing place, be thankful I have a job, a cozy office, a little responsibility, new projects in the pipeline and the possibility of more smoke getting blown up my ass exciting, challenging room for growth in an established company.

I told the STBEB that I think I'll take a personal day on Monday, refocus and come back next week with a fresh attitude and lots of action plans. And then take the following week off to go to Ptown. Sounds like a plan.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to stay. I just wish that I knew how to cut through the layers of corporate politics and bureaucracy to actually get some good, smart processes put into place. After all this reorg limbo and committee work that has accomplished so very little, one could justifiably begin to jade.

I shall meditate on becoming the antithesis of jade. I just don't know what that is. Cautiously optimism? Healthy cynicism? Any suggestions?

Of course, my comments service is down, so it my be time to change that as well.

Change the sodomy laws, change the blog hoster, change it all.

Change is good.

Change for a dollar?