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Wet Dreams

Had the coolest underwater dreams last night. Well, under something. It was like a big group of us were SCUBA diving, but without the equipment ... and we could talk to each other. It really wasn't like being underwater, because the atmosphere wasn't cold or liquid. It was thicker than air, but just barely. Not a lot of visibility; maybe 100 feet or so, as if we were underwater. We were hovering about, flying almost, and the fish (tons of beautiful parrotfish, triggerfish, angelfish, clownfish and giant seahorses that looked almost like little dinosaurs) were just floating and darting about in midair. Our home base was a huge glowing translucent submarine, shaped like a blimp.

Don't remember any real story or conflict in the dream, just the very vivid experience of being in this strange atmosphere, not having to walk to move and enjoying all the great creatures.

Maybe my subconscious was processing Finding Nemo, which I saw a couple weekends ago.

Later on, we were driving to the shore along a flooded highway in my Renault Le Car, the one with the flip back sunroof that almost made it a convertible. It was sort of a cartoon car.