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I feel like the second

I feel like the second interview went pretty well today. Maybe all the morning nerves and changing my shirt/tie three times was unwarranted. Thank god I don't have to go on dates.

I was unexpectedly double-teamed by the CEO and CIO of the company, and it was much more laid back than I expected. Even got a couple of laughs in. These guys seem to play their cards pretty tight to the chest though, so I don't know anything more than I did before; at least with regard to if they think I'm the fit they need.

However, I did take away some tidbits on the positive side. My gut says they're decent men to work for, who aren't on power trips and enjoy their business. They seem to have complete trust in the woman who's brought me in for the position and the team she's built. I also know that once I go in and get the easy wins taken care of, there's plenty of room for growth. The things I'd like to to synch with what they see the role growing into. Nothing there is really broken, they just need someone dedicated on the inside to focus on what's there and then clean up/redefine some processes and deliverables. Virgo's are us.

I'm supposed to hear back tomorrow. Hopefully this will keep moving forward.

*presses rewind on the TiVo of my life, stops the recording at 10 years ago*

Them: So, Bob, where do you envision yourself in the next decade? Pehaps as a senior marketing exec at a leading asset managment firm?

Me: Ah ahah hahahahah ahhahahhahha hahahhahahhahahha hahahhahaha

Y'all, this life thing sure is an interesting ride.