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"You look antsy," Larry told

"You look antsy," Larry told me as I was lying on the sofa in the middle room, fidgeting with a magazine and tapping my foot in the air. "Why don't you use up some of that energy and organize a closet or something."

Of all the things to do with my pent up Friday evening jitters, rebuilding a closet wasn't registering on my list of fun things to do. It wasn't even registering on my list of not fun things to do. I meandered into the bedroom and was soon joined by he who would have me tidying up.

"So what do you want to do?"

"Take me to a movie," I said, giving him a big hug and a kiss on the neck. "Take me to a movie or I'll kill you."

Hey, it's good to give options.

Just a short while later, we were in a cab heading to Lowe's on 34th Street. Tonight's cinematic adventure (which I somehow ended up paying for) was The Italian Job, and what a fun-filled romp it was. Yeah, so you'd have to be deaf and blind not to see the third reel coming, but it had some good laughs, some cool chases and plenty of biceps (Marky Mark and the Wrench, yum) -- not too mention Edward Norton, Jason "Handsome Rob" Statham and the giggliest of cyber-geeks, Seth "I am Napster" Greene (who doesn't miss Oz?). Moss Def is funny, who knew? A perfectly diverting and mindless summer movie.

No big plans for the weekend. I wanna see the fish movie, read up on hedge funds and institutional web sites, get to the gym, do some yoga and maybe start the new novel everyone's alledgedly babbling (to their dogs) about.

And I guess I should polish my shoes and make sure I've got a smart suit for Tuesday's meeting.

I put this and this on the iPod this week. A fair chance they'll become good pre-summer listening fare. A better chance they'll be overplayed by the 4th of July.