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I once read in a

I once read in a change management book that change is like swinging from one trapeze to the next. The hardest part is letting go of the trapeze youíre on, because in that letting go and reaching for the next one, thereís a split second of not holding on to anything. You can see the next bar swinging out there in front of you, and you know it will support you once you grab hold, but you have to make the scary choice to let go of what you already have.

That next bar is becoming more and more clear to me. I had several choices last week, but some have been taken out of play and one in particular is looking like the one I want to grab onto. Itís not quite in reach yet, but it gets closer each day. And as I mull over (and over and over and over) my options, it seems clearer and clearer that, while being the scary thing to do, itís time to let go of this trapeze and start swinging on a new one.

My career as a circus act. Maybe Iíve seen too much Cirque du Soleil in the past few weeks.

Iím ready for the new challenges. Iím ready to start learning again and feeling productive. Iím almost ready to leave behind the safety of the politics and relationships (both good and not so much) I know and start fresh with a whole new group of people. Itís frightening and sad, yet exciting at the same time. It will be like leaving family behind. But I think it is time. And itís not like Iíll be working without a net. Iíve got such a strong support if I choose to do this. Stay tuned. Big interviews next week.