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"I gained 20 pounds! Ask

"I gained 20 pounds! Ask me how."

That's the button I wanted to make last weekend. There was an Herbalife convention at our hotel in Vegas, and you couldn't toss a handful of ephedra without hitting someone who's button told us how much they loved their job or how much weight they'd lost. There were buttons in English, Spanish and Japanese.

I always thought that Herbalife was a pyramid scheme, so I guess it was appropriate they were staying at the Luxor. You gotta love an event planner with a keen sense of humor.

Larry and I shared an elevator ride with a woman who'd "lost over 25 lbs."

Looking at her badge, Larry said "Congratulations."

She sort of nodded and continued to stare at the elevator door. None too friendly, these Herbalife people. Undaunted, Larry followed the button's instructions and asked, "How'd you do it?"

She looked blankly at us. "Huh?"

"The 25 pounds," I chimed in, pointing to her button. "Diet and exercise?"

"No, I've tried that. It just doesn't work." And the elevator door opened and off she went. We ventured a guess that she wasn't off to moderate a "Successful Selling Schemes" seminar.