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Well it was just about

Well it was just about 10 days ago that I said "I think there will be several irons in a few fires within the next couple months." Whoosh.

I now allegedly have a new boss, but haven't connected with him yet to officially cement the new relationship and talk about roles/responsibilities, so until that happens it's status quo with the soon-to-be-ex-boss. Early last week, an opportunity came up with a different firm that seems very attractive. Out of the blue.

I go visit them for a chat and they ask, "Would you be interested in coming back to take this to the next level?" I say sure and they say great, we'll talk in the next couple weeks. That was last Thursday.

I come to work on Friday and there's a new internal posting for my "dream" job. It's everything I've been saying I want at this firm and would take my career here to the next level. I make a few calls and put myself into the running. STBE-boss thinks I'm perfect for it. He'll "make a call too." An hour later, the new firm calls and asks when I can come in to meet the rest of the people there, including the CEO. That gets scheduled for when I come back from Vegas.

Add this into the mix -- Larry's put the ball in motion for a potential move to London. Who knows if it will happen, but it's a decent possibility right now. If I stay with my current firm, there are global options and the chance I can be based in London, or at least get there on business every now and again. New firm is solely NY-based.

We've been together 11 years (next month) and there's no doubt that we could live through a two-year trans-Atlantic stint, but really ... if he got a promotion that took him over there, I'd so want to be there as well.

I've requested audience with alleged new boss, who is in a world of bullet-dodging right now, and is currently out of the office. I've not heard back from she-who-posted-the-dream-job -- and she's been travelling as well. New firm calls back yesterday trying to get me back into their office this week, before I go to Vegas. Um, where's that remote control so I can press slow-advance?

And ... after six months on the market, we just got an offer on the condo. Let's see ... two new jobs, and a new place to live. That wouldn't be stressful at all? Of course, none of this has happened yet, and it very well may be that nothing comes of anything. But I definitely sense some changes in the air.

At least I can't say my life is boring.

I'm not ready to cross, or jump off, any bridges just yet, but those bridges are approaching the horizon a little faster than than I thought they'd be. In the meantime, hopefully the biggest decisions I'll have to make over the next few days are:

- Sandals or shoes?
- Pool or air-conditioned casino?
- Ketel or Grey Goose?
- Do I want odds on that come bet?
- Did I put on enough sunscreen?

I'm really looking forward to getting away, watching the free theater of Las Vegas, scribbling out a few pro/con decision trees and sharing a bunch of laughs with our family. Oh, and I wouldn't mind winning some money.