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If anyone is taking nominations

If anyone is taking nominations for the Prince of Procrastination, I hereby humbly submit myself to the competition. I've got so much I should be doing, or at least think I should be doing, but when I got home this afternoon from the weekend down in Spring Lake, I promptly found a comfortable spot on the sofa, turned on some relaxing music and took a nap.

So, Bob, what's really going on?

I've just lost interest lately. And I feel like I need a change, but that anything I do to make that change is either pointless or stupid or a waste of time. I could write (something other than this drivel), but then it'd be for a class or for work and I don't want to do turn something in that's half-assed or not up to some standard I've set for myself.

Oh, that perfectionism issue that you spent how many months in therapy dealing with?

Yeah, I know. That and creating my own drama ... like missing deadlines or overcommitting myself to things and then beating myself up because I've failed again ... when in fact I've failed at nothing. Isn't that the ultimate in avoidance ... just not doing anything? Shutting down. Taking a nap? Ah, sleep, the ultimate in procrastination. I'm not sure what's worse, taking a nap or then waking up and putting off doing any work to watch the season finale of Survivor. I never watch Survivor. I don't even like the show. I have no interest in Jenna or Matt or Rob or the rest of them. But there I was, paying attention to a show I didn't watch one episode of this season, and getting sucked right in. Pathetic

Sounds like just one more thing to beat yourself up about.

Perhaps. But it is kinda pathetic.

True. So what's the next step to get out of being pathetic?

I guess the answer tonight is to go to bed, get a good night's sleep and start fresh tomorrow. That would be a much better alternative than sitting up all night worrying about things you haven't done, or frantically trying to catch up on things and then being a mess tomorrow because you didn't get a good night's rest.

So what's some good stuff to focus on before you hit the sack? And why the sudden shift to second person in that last response?

1. I don't care to discuss point of view.
2. It felt really good to have that 4-mile run yesterday.
3. Larry pulling up to the full-serve gas station yesterday and saying, "Fill it up unleaded, please." The attendant looked at him like he was from Mars. I gently reminded him that most all gas has been unleaded for several years now, and that our Jeep never took diesel. I laughed for miles and miles over that one.
4. A midnight walk on the boardwalk. The sea and salt air is so amazing. And so very close.
5. Tomorrow's another day, and I just need to focus. It's really not that fucking hard.

So quit making it that way.

Shut up. I'm going to bed.