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Greetings from the desert. It's

Greetings from the desert.

It's dry. It's warm. It's beautiful. I'm now staying here, where the scenery is amazing, if not a little more fully clothed than the scenery I saw yesterday afternoon here. Don't know that the Mirage would be the classiest place to stay, but much fun can be had for the afternoon visitor. And the waterfall area is amazingly smaller than the picture would have one believe.

Dial-up access to the office has been all messed up, so I haven't been able to get online for work, class or blog, and have fallen way behind on all counts. Finally got IT to fix me up this afternoon. But the resort is great, the conference is very good and I'm meeting great people and learning a lot.

Only been away for 3 days, but it seems much much longer. Have an hour-long break, and really can't justify typing when I could be out by the pool, so more details to come. Hmmm, I guess we can file this one under "waste of bandwidth postings."