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Finally. A proper Spring day

Finally. A proper Spring day ... and on a weekend to boot. Very pleasant indeed. Larry and I had 2 hours to kill during the open house today (anybody wanna buy a condo?), so we took a nice run down to Battery Park then walked/ran back. Ran into Ted and spent a half-hour catching up with him -- which sliced 30 minutes off the run. Thanks Teddy.

Other adventures included a tour through the flea markets over on 6th/24th. We were looking for flats of flowers to put in pots on the balcony, but found all kinds of unbuyable crap instead. Took a stroll through Old Navy. Saw the cutest little barefoot kid in a stroller and smiled all stupid-like, as one would do when looking at a baby. Baby's mom, who looked kind of familiar, gave me an odd look -- like "why are you staring at my baby?" Replaying the scene on my inner-TiVo a few minutes later, I realized mom was Ana Gasteyer. Add a minor celebrity sighting to the day's list of events. Which, come to think of it, makes two for the weekend. Cruised this really cute salt-and-pepper haired guy on 8th ave Friday evening and realized, after passing him, that it was Campbell Scott. Yum.

The rest of today was a plethora of procrastination. I'm supposed to be writing a piece for my non-fiction class, but everytime I get started on something I think it's trite and stupid or not worth any time in pursuing it. Probably like this post. So then I start on a different topic and think, no that's not good either. No worries, not due till midnight tomorrow.

The only drawback to the day was about an hour ago, when I thought I'd like a smart glass of red wine while I watching the sun set. Quelle empty wine rack! Not even a split of Gallo to be found in the house. Beer, white wine, vodka, champagne ... all fully stocked. But nary a drop of merlot, cabernet, shiraz or chianti. How could this happen? Clearly we need a better inventory control system.

So I armed myself with a Michelob Ultra, left over from Scott and Kate's visit a couple weeks ago and snapped some pictures of the sunset, just to see how this posting pictures thing works on Blog*SpotPlus. Oh yeah, I upgraded to that today in one of my better bouts of procrastination.

And that's what it looked like off my balcony a short while ago.