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About a year and a

About a year and a half ago, we were in Lauderdale and ran into some friends from the city.

"You know, we see you guys outside the city more than in it. We should get together at home more often."

Everybody agreed, but we're all busy with work travel, other engagements, theater, etc. Busy, busy, busy. And so it was decided that we'd make a standing date for cocktails and, perhaps, dinner. The Last Thursday of the month at 7pm. Venue to vary. And with that, LT7 was born. So now at the end of each month, several of us get together and catch up over a few drinks. It's never the exact same group (usually 5-6 people from a list of about 15), people just come if they can, but it's never been a bad time.

Tonight's adventure begins at The Monster. Stop by and say hi if you're so inclined.


I got an early morning phone call today, an inquiry about the ad we placed for the condo in Ptown. Half asleep, I gave the guy as much information as I could and told him we'd call him back. He said he'd rather call us. Whatever. Then he started asking me about where I worked out, yoga classes, massages in New York, massages in Ptown, who I liked, where I went, etc. Don't know what's more odd: him asking me all these questions, or me actually having a 20-minute chat with a stranger discussing who gives the best rub south of 23rd street.