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If it were any more

If it were any more gray outside, I would swear I'd woken up inside a black and white movie. I wish the tornado would just come, whisk me away and land me in a world of technicolor.

Speaking of Oz, I dreamed I was in New Orleans last night. Blanche was getting ready to do a show, but it was only for hotel guests so I had to buy a room. Ended up getting the last room in the place, which was in the basement. Hello??? New Orleans doesn't have basements. Who wrote that dream? My subconscious needs a fact checker.

Today's New York Times tells us the Internet is losing the battle against spam. Keen sense of the obvious.

If you have some good energy to spare, send it over to Cincinnati. Some people very dear to me are going through some rough times and they could use any and all extra karma for the next few weeks. Lots of peace going out in pink bubbles over the Queen City.