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It's good to be home.

It's good to be home.

Left Ohio yesterday morning and went to the Jersey shore for a lovely dinner party. Met all kinds of new fun people and had a beautiful, albeit slightly hungover, morning walk on the boardwalk today. The beach is so restorative. And less than 2 hours from home. An easy drvive back to the city and now I'm back in the thick of Manhattan. Yay.

I'm coming up on a fork in the road. One direction will lead me back to healthy eating and some combination of running, gym, yoga, etc. I'll lose this flab around my middle, have some more energy and probably feel a little more focused and centered.

Going the other direction will be to say "ah, fuck it all" and explore the wonderful world of beardom. I could choose to just be fat and happy.

Where are those cheesey poofs?