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It's so beautiful out today.

It's so beautiful out today. Went looking for some flats of impatients and geraniums, but I guess it's still too early. No terrace gardening this weekend.

Saw Gypsy last night. Still in previews and it's not the train wreck that's been rumored, but the tracks are a little wobbly. Hopefully, Ms. Peters is holding back until the opening. Scary that she went up during "Some People." Doesn't open for a couple weeks ... plenty of time to learn the lyrics. To a standard. All in all, I think it needs more of an edge and Rose has got to be a little more monstrous. It's almost there ... just left us wanting a little more. Julie Halston is a luminously understated Electra. And if all Tulsa needs is the girl, may we kindly suggest a mirror? He'll be all set.

Prediction: it may be a mild dose of ipecac for the critics, but the crowds will love it. It's way better than Annie Get Your Gun.

We took my cousin's 10-year old daughter -- her first Broadway show. That's pretty cool. I didn't get to my first Broadway show till I was 23. Waited outside the stage door for autographs and everybody was really gracious, which was nice. Best moment was when Barbara Walters came out after a post-show visit, befrocked in a beautiful red leather coat, and some lady yells out to her, "you were wonderful in the show."

I'm pretty sure she didn't play Mazeppa.