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I'm never up for the

I'm never up for the sunrise. It's so quiet (except for the birds outside -- still haven't found the volume dial on that nature thing) and peaceful. All three kids asleep, no TV, no Playstation. This is lovely.

Met some cousins out at a new bar downtown last night. It's in the corner of the old Federal Reserve building. Amazingly high ceilings, dark wood paneling, (loud) piano music. Kind of an upscale setting. But the people there ... oh my. Apparently the help wanted ad for the place must have read something like: "Seeking vapid women with a penchant for peroxide and silicone. Must dress provocitavely and not be in a hurry to sell cocktails." They were sweet enough, but not the brightest bulbs on the Christmas tree. Shiny and colorful perhaps, just none too clever.

I think everyone should spend Happy Hour on Good Friday at a hooker bar.