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It was a good night

It was a good night for celebutantes, if not a really horriblly (dis)organized event ... Diane Sawyer, Rosie, Nicole, Baz, Cynthia Nixon, Lauren Bacall, Marlo and Phil, Marissa Jaret (yay!), John Waters and a song by K.D. and Tony Bennet. All good fun and for a very good cause. If you don't already have a favorite charity/organization, give this one some thought; they do good work. Again I'm struck by how eloqent Joan Garry is. I think she's one of the most determined fighters of the good fight.

Happy that this won.

And if they give you an award, try to be a little gracious ... like Ms. Sawyer. Or Ms. Walters last year. They were very classy.