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Things I was going to

Things I was going to do this weekend that just didn't happen:

1. Anything work related
2. Finishing at least one of the books Iím reading
3. Yoga class
4. The Spring cleaning of my office
5. Grocery shopping

Things I got done this weekend; some planned, most not:

1. My taxes
2. Far From Heaven, it was just as good (better?) the second time
3. Very fun cocktails w/ Larry and Chris at The Townhouse, of all places
4. The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys
5. Took a run and got motivated to start up again
6. Made a batch of oatmeal cookies
7. Big, hard, unexpected laugh at Sydney, making a skirt out of wrapping paper at Rite Aid

Things to look forward to this week

1. Mack and Mabel tomorrow night
2. Christine's bday party Friday night
3. The SF scuba boys coming into town for a visit