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Psst, anybody need a dog

Psst, anybody need a dog collar?

So much I want to write about.

I promised her to talk about this (I think it's better than the reviews give credit for). I sent a mail to him and am afraid he thinks I'm a freakish stalker. Really I'm just in awe. I told a friend about him and later copped a ride home on the back of his motorcycle, which is always fun -- this time all the better wearing a Brooks Brothers suit and no helmet. There I go, living on the edge again. I never wear a suit, but had corporate drag on this afternoon for a very strange lunch with a vendor at this place (Union League Club, couldn't find a website), where he offered to sponsor me if I wanted to join. I don't think I'm their demographic.

Yeah, so much to write about, and yet it's time to go to bed. Another successful LT7 (I guess I should explain that someday as well) over and done with, more stories to either ponder, expound upon, write about or write off.


Where were you?