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Obligatory Oscar post Too tired

Obligatory Oscar post

Too tired to really write much, but ...

1. Steve Martin stole my Sean Connery wears a lobster bib joke. Yeah, it was obvious, but I have the time stamp to prove it.
2. What was Cloris Leachman wearing in her hair? Oh, it was a tribute to Marlee Matlin's acceptance sign, er, speech.
3. Meryl should have her own talk show.
4. Jennifer Jones. Oh my.
5. Cameron Diaz chomping on gum, pulling on her hair. Was her publicist just screaming?
7. Ms. Sarandon took the high road. Good for her.
8. Did Bruce Vilanch a) even try this year and/or b) get paid for that?
9. How come they didn't put Karl Malden and young Michael Douglas (how can he possibly be younger than Gordon Gekko was some 15 years ago) together?
10. Hang in there Julianne. You're still the best thing out there.