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Vacation's all I ever wanted,

Vacation's all I ever wanted, vacation have to get away ...

Belinda Carlisle is the blessed angel on my shoulder right now. The project from the 6th circle of hell has been put to bed (for the second time in a month) and, as far as work's concerned, I'm incommunicado for a week. I'm all packed. The wetsuit, BCD, shorts and t-shirts are in the bag and the regulator and Auntie Mame are in the carry-on. The plane leaves in 13 hours and on Sunday I'll be underwater.


If I breathe deeply and focus, I can feel the 84 degree noon, the 75 degree midnight and the 80 degree water. Hello moray eel. Hello coral. Hello grunts. Hello young cabana boy from Bonaire.

I've read there's Internet access at Captain Don's, but if not, I've got the archaic notebook and a pen. I hope everyone has a great week, and if I don't check in, there'll be a summary in 7or 8 days.

Peace to everybody. Stay warm, stay well and pray that Spring blossoms in the city by the time I get back.