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Hey, it's gray and cold

Hey, it's gray and cold again this morning. So yesterday's blue skies and 50 degree weather was just Mother Nature giving being a quick tease.

Saw String Fever last night at EST. Haven't been in a tiny black box since forever (now now, we're talking theater here), and it was great to see Cynthia Nixon again, up close and personal, giving a wonderfully simple, yet many layered performance. She's so much fun to watch on stage. Last time I saw her was in The Women and her Mary had that silly accent, which I thought got in the way of everything else. Anyway, Lily's turned 40 and wants a relationship, has an issue-riddled, chair-hugging ex (David Thornton) who doesn't call and a new physicist beau (Jim Fyfe) who gets her all tied up in string theory. Not only is she trying to work the knots out of her own life, but she's also dealing with a father Tom Mardirosian, (a quaanutm leap from Oz's Agamemnon) -- who just wants love ... and to take a normal dump after umpteen surgeries -- and her best friend Janey (Cecilia deWolf), a terrific earth mother who has found herself in Iowa, of all places. Poor Janey, never follow a man to the midwest.

Evan Handler (you know, the hirstute lawyer who Charlotte banged last season) was brilliantly funny as Gisli, Lily's Icelandic artist friend, who keeps sending missives about his own woes, artistic and personal, and like the 10-dimensions of a string theory world, interconnects with Lily's world in seen and unseen ways.

It was HBO night at EST. Great cast, excellent direction (Mary Robinson). Good stuff.

And now it's snowing. Pack up the dogsled, off to work.