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Oh good, they picked the

Oh good, they picked the ugly one.

Memo to self: find Pat Benatar's Greatest Hits and put it on the iPod. Popped into a bar to kill some time before the show tonight and it was playing. Amazing. Britney honey, love ya, but you should take notes.

So armed and ready I fought love's battle in the night ... well, actually just walked over to NYTW and watched the two extended monologues. Turns out hell is for children, especially if one grows up in Bexley, Ohio. The pieces weren't bad -- a little long at just under an hour each. Yikes. A lot long.

One-person shows are always a little dodgy, especially when they're written by the performer and dealing primarily with mom and dad issues dating back to the 50s and 60s. Rebellious daughter who's a budding artiste. Dad's a little abusive. Mom's a transplanted Boston social climbing (in Bexley?) republican who thinks JFK was the anti-christ yet pledges her support to the civil-rights minded housekeeper "after all, I have a house full of African violets." The first act was a little stiff, the second a little fluffy and both a little forced. But it was only the fifth night of previews and I think Ms. Holmes pulled off her pieces and has made her peace. A none-too filling evening of theater -- Catharsis Light.

I sat in the first row in between two single guys well beyond their 50s. One kept nodding off and the other kept repeating all the lines that he laughed at -- and there were many. It was almost like watching tv back home in Ohio.

Seems Larry made it home from the CMfH and doesn't look too bloody. Can't wait to hear how the revolution is shaping up.