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The Workweek Wrapup

In honor of him, even though he buzzed in and out of town without so much as tossing a headline my way ... I give you a list

* I'm pyched for tomorrow's fete. Liza honey, I've ordered more than enough powerade and I've put the lamps away.

* How come the bartender for said soiree just laughs when he asks about what he should wear and I respond "leather jock strap"?

* Heading to the streets of peachtrees and dusty roads of derby town next week (with a sleepover in the Queen City on Tuesday night). Wheeee.

* Cheap pizza and not-so-cheap wine aren't such a horrible combination.

* Where did all these links from popdex come from? (I suspect it's from being linked to by Lady Linkolicioius herself).

* Happy hour at Beauty Bar tonight -- let's drink till we're all pretty.

* Showered with the bathroom door closed this morning. Didn't care for it. If I wanted a steamroom, I'd go to a gym. I'm not saying, I'm just saying.

* It's Indian summer in California and freezing here in the east. Can't we just split the difference and all be comfortable?

* Mom started reading the blog today. Oh dear. Hi Mom.

* Please don't forget to wish her a happy birthday on Sunday.

Have a great weekend everyone.