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Our House It Had a Crowd

And what a fine crowd it was.

They say it's not a party till something gets broken. If that's the case, well no sirree, there was no soirée in this apartment last night. And while we may not have made the social register, we did have one swell time.

Thanks to everyone who popped by ... whether you came from across the street, across the river, or across the continent (or anywhere inbetween). It's the people who make an event, and each and every one of you (even if you don't have a URL to link to, and some of you should) did more than your share to bring life to what otherwise would have been an empty roomfull of food and drink. Thank you all so very much, and that comes from Larry as well.

A wise woman once told me it's a small world when you suck cock. While there was no fellating (to my knowledge) at this fête, there were several instances of "oh my god, what are you doing here?" If one were drawn to drawing Venn diagrams, one could've been driven mad shading in unexpected intersections of last night's circles of friends. And that, y'all, makes for a really fun get together ... the unexepected intersections that is, not driving people mad.

My only regret is that I feel like I barely got to talk to anyone.

Y'all come back now, y'hear?