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Sitting in a Tin Can

Good morning from alluring Atlanta. The flight down was delayed and had more bumps than a month of Saturdays at the Roxy. Our friendly flight attendants were strapped into their jump seats for the entire flight, on Captain's orders, so we weren't even afforded the luxury of a Diet Coke or a bag of pretzels. And the bubba next to me was a chatter ... he didn't mind the fact that I was listening to my iPod and working on my laptop the whole time. God bless.

Getting my review today, and giving a couple as well. Hopefully they'll go a little smoother than last night's funfest.

Saw a story about these fuckers on the news this morning; made me so sad and angry. They need to be locked in a tin can and starved for awhile. What the hell is wrong with people who would adopt kids and then starve them half to death? Maybe for the money they got so they could keep themselves and their other kids fat and happy. It's horrible.

And then the spokesperson for the New Jersey's Division of Youth and Family Services gets on TV and says that maybe some of the "staff is uncompetent." Hey, let's make up new words at a press conference. Maybe she's bucking for an appointment into W's administration.