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So Many Handcuffs, So Little Time

What's up with all the criminal drama in the news this morning?

Jacko's getting arrested. Martha got cut no slack for her upcoming trial (nor did her broker). Scott's going to trial. A slew of Wall Street boys got shackled yesterday.

And then Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romey gets on Today and says "I agree with 3,000 years of recorded history. Marriage is an institution between a man and a woman ... and our constitution and laws should reflect that."

Well gee, if history says so, then it must be true. I haven't taken a logic class in a long time, but somehow I think there's a flaw in his argument.

He also said that if a "civil union" between gays affored all the rights that a straigt marriage did, then it might as well be called a marriage and he was against that. In effect, a union between two men or women could not ever be the same thing as a union between a straight couple.

That's criminal.