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Things I Learned in Toronto

We got snowed in over the weekend, so we spent an extra day hanging out in lovely T.O. Our return home was delayed due to unexpected hard blowing wind, not the windy blow hard I had prepared for.

A quick round-up of the highilights ...
* A walk through snowy Yorkville can be a veritable winter wonderland.
* I love the corner table at Avenue (and hate the women who stole it from me).
* Being the outsider gay in-law in a family is fun. Never feeling like an outsider is priceless.
* Larry's long-lost brother lives. It was a shock to us all.
* Bobzyeruncle has some readers I didn't know about. Hi Aunt Lorna and Aunt Rose.
* As much as I like Boots in London, I like Roots in Toronto even better. And remember girls, Roots is not just a clothing store Ö itís a haircare choice. Keeping up with your color is a commitment.
* There are plenty of Froots in both cities.
* $40 (even Canadian) is too much to spend for standing room only hockey tickets. Unless maybe itís for the cup.
* Maybe it's all that ice skating, but there were some bootlylicious boys working the backsides this weekend. A special shout out to the hottie at the Gap on Bloordeo.
* 20-something, 6í5Ē Austrailians become the belle of the ball way too quickly. (that comes from a place of observation, not jealousy).
* Straight DJs from Edmonton who hang out in gay bars (yes, with their girlfriends) are luscious. And get more so as the night wears on.
* I have met the Canadian Whitney. She's a skinny white boy and needs to slow waaayyyy down.
* Starr Jones was degrading Sadaam for hiding in that hole like a scared little girl. Please, like she could've ever fit in it.

Snow days are fun, but they make the rest of the week way too crowded. It's going to be another slammed week. Whatever happened to things slacking off around the holdiays?


On a sad and serious note, while in T.O., we found out our friend Dan died a week or so ago. Often a messy one and always a good time, he went pretty quickly and didn't suffer much. It's still out there kids. And if you've got it, take care of yourself and take your damn medicine. It beats the alternative.