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Bloody Cold, Bloody Awful

We live on the ninth floor of our building, facing south. Most of the buildings we see for several blocks are brownstones or 5-6 story buildings, so we're just above the rooflines. I call it "Mary Poppins meets Rear Window."

What's amazing about the view this morning is that, because it's only 2 (yes, just the two), almost every building I can see is exhaling a stream of steam/exhaust. It looks like dozens and dozens of, too borrow an image from Mr. Chabon, mini cloud factories.

Cool. Well, no, cold. Ice cold.

Here's an aviation update: There are some new rules when flying during Code Orange (which we apparently came off of yesterday during my trip home).

The pilot comes on the PA and tells us that you're only allowed to use the lav in the cabin you're assigned to. Passengers in coach can't pee in business class. Which is important, because those business class lavs are the epitome of comfort and style ... and we wouldn't want those bums in steerage to get a glimpse of the luxury an upgrade could afford them.

I did learn that just because the lav is in first class doesn't mean the passenger (or perhaps flight attendant?) has any class. Case in point ... my visit to the facilities right after we left JFK last Monday night. Whoever had gotten there just before me didn't double check to make sure what she left behind had been properly flushed. Yes boys and girls, I now know what a used tampon looks like. I could've lived another 40 years without seeing that.

Other than that, it was a bloody good trip.